Bare for Good

Good News! We achieved an A+ rating in the highly respected Australian Ethical Fashion Guide — for the second year running. To find out more information, and to check how your other favourite brands did, see

Mighty Good Undies has invited eleven Celebrities and Change Makers to ‘bare’ themselves for ‘good’ to help promote a shift in the way we view fashion.

Fashion Revolution week (24th – 30th April) is all about asking the bigger question about ‘where do our clothes come from?’ Australian start up and ethical fashion brand Mighty Good are leading the way with their first product range of certified underwear, made from organic cotton and fair trade practices at affordable prices, showing that being ‘good’ is as simple as switching your undies.

The Bare for Good campaign features portraits of each celebrity stripped ‘bare’ to raise awareness of the shocking reality of who made our clothes. The ‘bare’ facts about our underwear are revealed in this new campaign by Mighty Good Undies to help switch attitudes towards the environmental and human rights impacts of our underwear.

Mighty Good Undies extends a huge warm thank you to all the people involved in this project:

  • Rachel Rutt
  • Marina Debris
  • Julia Wheeler
  • Chloe Hill
  • Alex Van Os
  • Andy Marks
  • Elena Antoniou

Shipping to the United States soon - stay tuned for more news! Dismiss