Ethical Options for Lady Cycle

Ethical Options for Lady Cycle

Other ethical options of ‘down there’

One of the motivations for us at Mighty Good Undies is to provide products and services to people to make it easier to live sustainably in all aspects of our lives. Including our undie draw.

For many things in our lives there are a growing number of ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ options. Harder to find, but just as important, is ethical and sustainable options for intimate products that we use ‘down there’. Yep, I’m talking, pads, tampons and condoms.

Below we’ve complied a list of ethical and sustainable suppliers for these products and where to find them.

Tampons and Pads

TOM Organic

With all the yucky chemicals and crap that goes into conventional cotton, it is a bit confronting to think we put all that into our most intimate body parts. The brilliant people over at the Australian brand TOM Organic (a.k.a Time Of the Month) products provides us with an organic cotton alternative. Using Australian grown cotton, the TOM Organic range includes tampons, pads and nursing products and is certified organic so you know you are getting what you pay for. Kudos to it for also supporting women’s charities, including the fantastic Onegirl organisation. Available in Coles and Woolworths so they are easy to access.


Award winning Natracare is the trailblazing UK company that has been supplying organic tampons, pads, wipes and maternity and incontinence products for over 25 years. They are available all over the world, usually in healthy food stores, but are stocked by some very big retailers including Waitrose (UK) and Amazon. See other stockists here.


This US brand of tampons, pads, make-up applicators (yehaa!) and baby wipes are made from certified organic cotton without the use chlorines, synthetics or wood pulp. Many products are made from 100% organic cotton while others use a mix. Available in 28 countries (see here) often from large retailers like Target.

Alternatives to Tampons and Pads:

It is estimated in our lifetime that we use up to 11,000 thousands of tampons and pads in our monthly bleed. Think of all that waste. And energy required to produce, transport and dispose of them. You could do what your (great) grandma did and sew your own bulky pads, or you could consider these two alternatives.

Mooncup or The Keeper menstrual cups

The Mooncup or The Keeper (two brands of essentially the same type of product) is a silicone or rubber menstrual cup designed to be worn internally as an alternative to tampons. It is latex-free and contains no dyes, toxins, BPAs or bleaches. A great benefit is that it is not only re-useable (and therefore much cheaper) it can also last for up to 8 hours (hurrah for night use!).
They do take a bit of practice and getting used to, and can be a bit messy at first. But get beyond that, and this one, sista, is a ticket to menstrual freedom. To find out more, including ordering one, check out the Mooncup brand or the The Keeper brand websites.

Thinx or ModiBodi

What the Mooncup/The Keeper is to tampons, then Thinx and ModiBodi are to pads. These two brands (Thinx is from the US, ModiBodi is Australian) produce a range of stylish, comfortable, technical underwear that are designed to absorb flow (or various types). They are leak proof and while they are primarily designed to be a ‘backup’ to tampons/menstrual cups, their makers state that they can be worn on light days. A review of Thinx can be found here.


Sustain condoms are so brilliant we wish we had thought of them ourselves. This brand makes fairtrade certified vegan cruetly free, non-gmo and nitrosamine free condoms using latex sourced from a sustainable FSC rubber tree plantation in southern India. They back this up with manufacturing in family run plants and additional education and healthcare programs from the rubber tappers and their families. They proudly proclaim that their business is not just about selling products, but using those products to start a conversation about sexuality, health, sustainability, climate change and poverty which they actively do on their website blog. They also actively support initiatives to fund and promote women’s reproductive health care– now that is sexy! Their range also includes personal lubricants. Available from major retailers in the US or online here.

Mighty Good’s ambition is to build a strong Australian Fairtrade Organic cotton brand that engages consumers about how they view, understand and consume cotton by offering affordable Men’s and Women’s ethical underwear that educates with each pair.

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